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Business & Trust Setup

Are you thinking of buying a business or setting one up from scratch? We can help by providing you with detailed, customised advice and assistance on choosing and setting up an appropriate tax structure.

The important things you need to look for are asset protection, tax minimisation and ensuring your business bookkeeping is as easy as possible.

We specialise in the setup of the following structures:

  1. Discretionary Trusts.
  2. Unit and Fixed Trusts.
  3. Private Companies.
  4. Partnerships.

If you are purchasing an existing business we can also offer you services to assist in the purchase process to ensure the hand over is as smooth as possible. There are lots of aspects to a business handover, and our experience as well as our controlled processes can ensure this transition is as seamless as can be.

Company and Trust structure set ups

We also offer personalised advice and the establishment of structures for new and existing businesses. This includes discretionary trusts, family trusts, companies and unit trusts to provide suitable asset protection whilst having the best possible tax outcomes.

Bookkeeping Setup

When starting or taking over a business, it’s important to keep your books in good order. We also offer services to help you get started with Xero bookkeeping, our accounting software of choice. As Xero Gold Partners, we can not only setup your books but can make continuous recommendations to ensure your statements are correct and guide towards financial growth.

Business Tax Returns

Another service we offer businesses is tax return assistance. We can ensure you save as much on your tax as possible all year round, and can provide you with detailed explanations on all aspects of your company. This includes explaining your financial statements, income and expense analysis, profit analysis, GST advice and benchmarking your business against others in similar industries.

Getting Started

If you would like to get your Business or Trust up and running with expert financial advice, book a consultation with Innovative Accounting and Tax via the online form, or call 08 9478 1338 to discuss.

Or, you can email us now to find out more!

Business and Trust Setup

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